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"It feels strange to wake up somewhere new when you arrived there in the pitch black of the previous night. Peeking through the mesh of my tent window I make out the cracked pink trunks of Ponderosa...." 


OUTDOOR MAGAZINE interviews Nathan about our Central American expedition, the trucks, and our overall mission. 

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In 2002 my father passed down his pristine 1994 extended-cab Toyota pickup to me. That truck led to a lifelong infatuation with Toyota off-road vehicles. Sixteen years later, I’m a 40 Series junkie, which means my pockets are empty, but my smile is full..... 

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National Biodiesel Board

What started as a couple of pals looking for their next adventure soon turned into a carbon-cutting crusade for Steven Ploog and Nathan Stuart. After the initial idea of fixing up two old Toyota Land Cruisers and driving down to Panama, the two came up with an interesting challenge...... 

Cummins Newsroom

Steven Ploog and Nathan Stuart will depart this week on the road trip of a lifetime, traversing washed out roads, thick jungles and sandy beaches from Stuart’s hometown in California.... 

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San Luis Obispo 


At the start, Steven Ploog and Nathan Stuart of Paso Robles were just looking for their next adventure to take as friends. In the process, they found a new career calling. 

Ploog and Stuart got the initial idea two years ago to find and fix up two old Toyota Landcruisers and drive them all the way to Panama together on vegetable oil.

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Paso Robles

Daily News

"Team will travel from Paso to Panama, carbon-neutral. The Clean Cruiser Project has been restoring two iconic Toyota Land Cruisers for nearly a year now, and they are about to reap the benefits of their efforts. The team will be taking one of their beautifully restored vehicles to Las Vegas to be featured in the SEMA automotive show this November..."